Trigger Happy
The bus for your internet services.

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What is this ?

"Trigger Happy" is a bus for your internet services

How does it work ?

Trigger Happy enters in a new category of tools which permits to manage the connection between internet services, as a bridge between them, and will act from events triggered:

  • on the web
  • on your own "internet" accounts
Examples :
  • When a news is published on a website, I want it to be stored in my Evernote or Pocket account to be read later, or published it on Twitter, or on my Facebook wall, etc...
  • when I add a note to my Evernote notebooks, I want to send it to my Wallabag account also
  • When a tweet about a specific subject is published, send it to my Pocket/Evernote/Whatever account, etc…
  • When I set a tweet as favourite, save it to my Wallabag instance

All of this is widely inspired by the very great IFTTT service which permits that exchanges.


Trigger Happy Architecture

What services are availables ?

see services

What If I wish to install "Trigger Happy" on my own ?

If you have Python/Django skills, I invite you to read the documentation which details all of this

How is this service born ?

Following setbacks with a service called IFTTT which made unreadable notes (because it did not handle accented characters UTF-8), the decision was made to launch a free alternative.