Trigger Happy
The bus for your internet services.

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Trigger Happy

By FoxMaSk

Make your recipes of services

Get one service and shake it, get another one, mix them and tada ! The data from the first one is sent to the second one

More informations

Services that can be mixed together

Currently the available services are (in alphabetic order):

  • Evernote Take notes, add events, store pictures, etc,
  • GitHub Source code hosting,
  • Mastodon Giving social networking back to you,
  • Mattermost open-source self hosted slack alternative,
  • Pelican Blog generator,
  • Pocket Read it later service (too),
  • Pushbullet Synchronization between all your devices,
  • Reddit the front page of internet,
  • RSS all the feed you want,
  • Slack A messaging app for team,
  • Taiga A project management,
  • Todoist Task manager,
  • Trello Kanban application,
  • Tumblr Microblogging and social network ,
  • Twitter need to introduce it ?:),
  • Wallabag Read it later service